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The home to the best R2RSA Sourcing and management company in the UK

R2RSA Sourcing And Management Specialists

R2RSA Sourcing and Management Specialists.

Here at, OnPoint Property Solutions Ltd, we offer creative solutions for the property investment market.

We work directly with Sellers, Landlords and Select Strategic partners that provide our investors fantastic off-market property deals all year round. We’re here to help you from the initial stages through to your targeted investment objectives.

We will help you establish a plan to take you from where you are to the lifestyle you visualise. Along your journey, we’re there with the property deals, help, and advice you’ll need to make sure you arrive at the destination you want and realise your dream.


Serviced Apartments Nottingham
Short Term Let Nottingham

Corporate Accommodation

OnPoint Apartments are an alternative to hotels for the corporate business saving you money while enjoying high standards of Living. Another home away from home. 

Our OnPoint Apartments are high quality, well equipped and decorated, with fully working kitchen and laundry facilities.  

You will generally save more than 40% by booking a serviced apartment as compared to a hotel room in the same area; plus you will save more money by not eating out all of the time and using expensive laundry services. You will also always get free unlimited WiFi throughout your stay 

Looking for short or long term accommodation? We’ll work with you to tailor business accommodation programmes for your organisation’s specific needs.