Serviced Apartments Manchester

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Serviced Apartments Manchester

Onpoint Serviced Apartments in Manchester are available for rent for as long or as short as you need. An exceptional option to a Manchester Hotel, our serviced apartments have all you require to make your stay in Manchester as satisfactory and cozy as it can be.

Serviced Apartments Manchester

A Manchester serviced apartment is a flexible alternative to a hotel, with all your needs for comfort and more space for relaxation.

Manchester OnPoint Apartments caters to companies and specialists alike. Whether you are a big corporation looking to manage costs or a small business making the most of your cash stream, we offer an amazing way to reduce a company's travel accommodation expense.

Whilst cost-efficiency is a key component. it is also simply your home away from home that should have the usual feel-at-home vibe in your chosen convenience. We have a chain of serviced apartments throughout the East Midlands. All our serviced accommodations have a homey ambiance. Whether you'll have short or extended accommodation, book the best hotel-like comfort with us!

Serviced Apartments Nottingham

Luxury Space

Our Manchester serviced apartments are designed to make your stay as comfortable and as luxurious as it can be.

Serviced Apartments Nottingham

Exceptional for young kids

You know how difficult staying in a hotel with young children. Our serviced apartments in Manchester have a home-from-home appearance, intending it to be more convenient than a hotel.

Serviced Apartments Nottingham

Feels like home

During your stay in our serviced apartments:

You can cook whenever you want.
Accommodate guests anytime you want.

Serviced Apartments Nottingham


Being in a hotel room for the night only gives you limited space at a high cost. With our Manchester serviced apartments, what you'll have is a larger space that can cater to your guests.

"Absolutely amazing from start to finish. The communication and customer service I received was second to none. Beautiful apartment, stylishly furnished and in a great location. Cant recommend enough!"

March 2021, Google Review

Serviced Apartments Nottingham


Our Manchester serviced apartments are safe, secure, and very comfortable, ensuring you have an amazing stay.

We have various range of available apartments, just one click away from choosing your options.

Serviced Apartments Nottingham

Easy booking and Check In Process

We offer a simple booking and check-in method. Just look for our apartments in the area, dates of your visit, select your apartment, and book. As simple as that.

What Others Say


Great location close to amenities. The service was very professional and all the rooms where clean and in order. I would book this apartment again.

Google Review 

March 2021


This company couldn’t do enough for my business stay, from the initial enquiry everything that was promised they delivered a fantastic property, excellent location with parking and would not hesitate to book this apartment again it had everything I needed for my stay.

Google Review

March 2021


Really pleased with my stay. Great apartment and great customer service. Thanks!

Google REview

February 2021

Serviced Apartments MANCHESTER

An exceptional choice to a Hotel in Manchester, our serviced apartments are clean, fresh, and ready to rent.

The Benefits of Choosing Serviced Apartments in Manchester

There is no shortage of accommodation alternatives in a huge and bustling city, particularly if you are looking for short term lets in Manchester or if you need someplace to stay for a long period. However, some are as popular as serviced apartments in Manchester. A lot of people immediately browse local hotels and B&Bs when they are travelling to Manchester, missing that serviced apartments regularly have a lot more to offer. Though staying in a hotel is a kind treat every once in a while, it is tough to beat the ‘home away from home’ sense that serviced accommodation has.

In the past few years, there has been an amplified awareness in serviced Reputation of Serviced Apartments in Manchester apartments in Manchester and other active cities. We are noticing that more and more people booking for serviced apartments, essentially because they have much more to offer guests. Rather than booking a small and fancy hotel room, visitors are not choosing to stay in a larger ‘home away from home’ in the form of a serviced apartment. Here are five significant reasons serviced apartments in Manchester are increasing in demand. 

 A Roomy Accommodation Option

If you have visited in a hotel recently, you are sure to understand just how limited the rooms can be in terms of space. Even if you splurge and book a larger than common room, you are still assumed to feel somewhat uncomfortable and confined during your stay. This is not the crisis when you pick serviced accommodation in Manchester, as there is a lot added space to release and relax in. Our serviced accommodation gives a vast and spacious hotel option in Manchester.

Guests Can Experience More Privacy

Though a hotel room does offer a some level of privacy, a lot of the facilities are shared with other guests. Nevertheless, in serviced accommodation, you have complete privacy anywhere you go. You have a separate kitchen, bathroom and living area to appreciate. There is no need to bother about anyone else, which implies you truly can radiate out and feel at home. This is also necessary if you are travelling with growing children, as there is no need to worry about them going in the way of additional guests or not having enough space to roam. You are open to experience a perfectly private, personal and separate apartment all the times.

A Home Away from Home

There has been an escalation in guests looking for a ‘home away from home’ while they visit, rather than a hotel experience. Frankly, it’s tough to leave home comforts back. A serviced apartment has all you need to feel at home, wherever you are, and is equipped with everything you enjoy about staying at home. You can cook, invite people over, rest comfortably, watch television, work and play without second thought. Whatever you would normally be doing at home, you can do it in our serviced apartment. This is not always likely in a hotel, as space and facilities are limited.

Excellent for Long and Short Term Stays

Whether you are anticipating a quick stay in Manchester or you are visiting the city for an extended time, serviced apartments are great. They possess everything you wanted from a luxury short term apartment in Manchester, with the space and conveniences required for a pleasant lengthened stay. With everything you require and your own space, serviced apartments are exemplary for stays of weeks or months at a time. Whatever variety of stay you are having, you won’t see a serviced apartment lacking in any way.

Cost Effective Accommodation

If you reserve a hotel room, you frequently end up consuming a lot of cash for a small amount of space. With short term serviced apartments, the opposite is true. Our serviced apartments in Manchester are more cost effective, as you get extra available space for your money. Not only do you have a useful kitchen and cosy living area to use, both of which are not seen in hotel rooms, but you also have ample room for all of your visitors. There is no need to pay money booking multiple hotel rooms, as all of your guests can stay in our serviced apartment.

As you can see, there are number of reasons as to why you should prefer our serviced apartments in Manchester. It doesn’t matter whether you are seeking for short-term stay apartments in Manchester for 1 week or someplace to stay for a few of months, you can reserve a serviced apartment in Manchester knowing that it will be the excellent home away from home.

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