Serviced Apartments Windsor

Are you looking for Serviced Apartments Windsor?

Serviced Apartments Windsor

OnPoint Apartments in Windsor is up for rent for how short or how long is your stay. Our serviced apartments are a better alternative than a Windsor hotel that gives you more comfort during your stay.

Serviced Apartments Windsor

Windsor OnPoint serviced apartments are a more reliable option than a hotel, catering to all your needs of comfort and space.

Windsor OnPoint serviced apartments can provide from SME's to companies. We provide an alternative for you to reduce your company travel accommodation rate.

Being economical is a key component. It is more of a home-like vibe during your visit or staycation in Windsor. We have several serviced apartments everywhere in the East Midlands. All apartments have a comfortable feeling. Short or extended stay, book your accommodation with us!

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Luxury Space

Windsor OnPoint Serviced Apartments are suited to provide you with luxurious comfort.

Serviced Apartments Nottingham

Exceptional for young kids

OnPoint Serviced Apartments in Windsor is more comfortable to stay with kids than in a hotel.

Serviced Apartments Nottingham

Feels like home

Our serviced apartments provide convenience for your cooking necessities.
And a large area for your visitors.

Serviced Apartments Nottingham


Compared to a hotel room, our serviced apartments in Windsor provide a better facility and comfort for a more affordable cost.

"Absolutely amazing from start to finish. The communication and customer service I received was second to none. Beautiful apartment, stylishly furnished and in a great location. Cant recommend enough!"

March 2021, Google Review

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OnPoint Serviced apartments in Windsor are safe, secured, and fit to give you a comfortable visit or staycation.

Booking is just a click away, choose and book with us today!

Serviced Apartments Nottingham

Easy booking and Check In Process

Booking with OnPoint Serviced Apartments is just a few clicks away. Enjoy fast and easy booking and check-in methods.

What Others Say


Great location close to amenities. The service was very professional and all the rooms where clean and in order. I would book this apartment again.

Google Review 

March 2021


This company couldn’t do enough for my business stay, from the initial enquiry everything that was promised they delivered a fantastic property, excellent location with parking and would not hesitate to book this apartment again it had everything I needed for my stay.

Google Review

March 2021


Really pleased with my stay. Great apartment and great customer service. Thanks!

Google REview

February 2021

Serviced Apartments Windsor

OnPoint Serviced Apartments in Windsor is a better alternative to a hotel room. Spotless, fresh, and ready to be occupied.

The Benefits of Choosing Serviced Apartments in Windsor

There is no lack of accommodation preferences in a large and bustling city, especially if you are looking for a short term lets in Windsor or if you need someplace to stay for a lengthy time. But, some are familiar with serviced apartments in Windsor. A lot of people quickly browse local hotels and B&Bs if they are travelling to Windsor, missing that serviced apartments usually have much to offer. Though staying in a hotel is a kind treat every once in a while, it is hard to beat the ‘home away from home’ feeling that serviced accommodation holds.

In the earlier years, there has been an improved perception of serviced Status of Serviced Apartments in Windsor and other developing cities. We are regarding that more and more people are looking for serviced apartments, mainly because they have something more beneficial to provide to their guests. Rather than booking a little and extravagant hotel room, guests are not willing to visit in a larger ‘home away from home’ in the form of a serviced apartment. Here are five essential reasons serviced apartments in Windsor are growing in demand. 

A Roomy Accommodation Option

If you have visited a hotel lately, you sure know just how restricted the rooms can be in terms of area. Even if you settle and book a bigger than average room, you are still deemed to feel somewhat stiff and limited while your stay. This is not the difficulty when you pick serviced accommodation in Windsor, as there is a lot of extra areas to loosen and release in. Our serviced accommodation provides a great and spacious hotel choice in Windsor.

Guests Can Experience More Privacy

Though a hotel room does present some level of privacy, a lot of the facilities are shared with other guests. Although, in serviced accommodation, you have complete privacy anywhere you go. You have a separate kitchen, bathroom and living area to enjoy. There is no need to worry about anyone else, which means you positively can lounge and feel at home. This is also crucial if you are travelling with kids, as there is no need to worry about them running in the way of extra guests or not having sufficient place to play around. You are open to feeling a private, individual and separate apartment at all times.

 A Home Away from Home

There has been an escalation in visitors requesting about ‘home away from home’ while their stay, rather than a hotel experience. Certainly, it’s difficult to leave home comforts behind. A serviced apartment possesses all you need to feel at home anywhere you are. And is outfitted with everything you enjoy about staying at home. You can prepare food, call somebody over, repose easily, watch television, do business, work and play without added thought. Whatever you would regularly be doing at home, you can do it in our serviced apartment. This is not most likely in a hotel, as place and amenities are limited.

 Excellent for Long and Short Term Stays

Whether you are arranging a quick stay in Windsor or you are hitting the city for a prolonged time, serviced apartments are excellent. They hold all you wanted from a luxury short term apartment in Windsor, with the area and ease needed for a relaxing extensive stay. With all you desire and your own space, serviced apartments are best for visits for weeks or months at a time. Whatever kind of stay you are looking forward to, you won’t see a serviced apartment lacking in any way.

Cost-Efficient Accommodation 

If you book a hotel room, you ordinarily end up consuming a lot of cash for very little space. With short term serviced apartments, the contrary is correct. Our serviced apartments in Windsor are extra cost-efficient, as you get more available space for your budget. Not only do you have a useful kitchen and pleasant living area to use, both of which cannot be observed in hotel rooms, but you also have enough room for all of your guests. There is no need to splurge cash booking multiple hotel rooms, as all of your guests can stay in our serviced apartment.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons as to why you should pick our serviced apartments in Windsor. It doesn’t matter whether you are having short-term stay apartments in Windsor for 1 week or someplace to stay for a few months, you can book a serviced apartment in Windsor knowing that it will be a wonderful home away from home.

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